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whats up? i am not cimorelli


I’m making a list of

Things that remind me of Summer:

-the smell of chlorine


-the smell of grass when it’s hot out


my favorite place to write :)
the difference


on a night where the june stars were hidden behind a thick layer of clouds

i stopped trying so hard.

i let my hair fall
i didn’t force a smile but
it came easily

i stopped trying and
that made the difference.


A beautiful loneliness


There’s a beautiful way of being lonely

Driving home alongside a pink sky

Watching the ocean waves disappear under the Sunday sunset

On an August day that feels like autumn

A life so full, a heart so heavy

with love and grief

A quiet sentence, speaking out

beneath the loud music blaring

and the wind coming in through the windows



Isn’t it funny then, how the happiest girl

Can also be the saddest?




I can’t explain what it was

A longing or maybe just a bit of

Quenched loneliness

I don’t know how it happened but

You were holding my hands and

I don’t know why but

It felt better than my favorite summer day

And we never say a word of love to eachother

But it still slips out


Two kinds.


It’s easy for a boy

To get addicted to her lips and her curves and the touch of her hand and the scent of her skin

The way she curled her hair and applied her makeup

That dress that shows a little skin

The flirty words she rehearsed in her mind

That she learned from the screen of a…

Lisa Michelle Cimorelli you are so perfect. I love you. I wish you would see this. 
My favorites! Meeting Cimorelli, Megan and Liz, One Direction, and Fifth Harmony!♥
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